Student Theses

Open theses topics:

Industry 4.0 Commons

IC01.  Readiness vs. willingness to change for industry 4.0
IC02. Industry 4.0 marketplace platform
IC03. Industry 4.0 meets circular economy (self-defined topic)
IC04. Industry 4.0 meets sharing economy (self-defined topic)
IC05. Open Innovation Platform for industry
IC06. Towards Harmonised Characterisation Methodologies and Data Formats
IC07. Ontologies and information systems to support Industry Commons
IC08. Industry 4.0 in agriculture – precision farming
IC09. The role of artificial intelligence, machine learning and predictive analytics in project management. How they could affect project outcomes?

Supply Chain 4.0 and Manufacturing 4.0

SM01. Quality control in smart manufacturing
SM02. Reliable and accurate assembly of products containing micro parts
SM03. Harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence for Process Industries

Green Manufacturing and Circular Economy

GC01. The role of IoT and big data to green manufacturing
GC02. Materials lifecycle analysis methodology for the circular economy
GC03. Holistic energy-efficient manufacturing system management

Construction 4.0 and Smart Building

CB01. Industry 4.0 in construction industry (self-defined topic)
CB02. The role of digitization in building retrofitting
CB03. Smart operation of proactive residential buildings needs –  challenges in control technologies, predictive maintenance, and data supply for the customer
CB04. Construction by Digital-Twin Reconstruction.

Student Theses 2018

Waleed AsifImproving Energy and Resource Efficiency in Different Level of Production Using Industry 4.0 Technologies
Sergi Drago GonzalezDo machine learning models provide accurate macroeconomic GDP forecast?
Hussein HegazyOutsourcing and Swap practice in the petroleum industry
Osaid KhanAssessing the Maturity Level of Industry 4.0 in the Automotive Industry
Young Joon LeeProduct Lifecycle Information Model for Reference Architectural Model Industrie 4.0 (RAMI 4.0)
Kirsten MuellerAnalysis of NBA supply chain network for its expansion to Europe
Ali NaweedThe Role of Digitalization for transformation to Industrie 4.0 oriented Business Models
in the German Automotive Industry.
Anton Shavtvalishvili Additive Manufacturing’s impact on supply chain
in aerospace industry
Soman TariqReinventing the Manufacturing Sector of Aerospace Industry by Implementing Industry
4.0 Technologies
JongHack YiDevelopment of Sales Demand Forecast through process Improvement
Kemal TumyschOutsourcing and Enterprise Resource Planning: Challenges and Opportunity in Petroleum Supply Chain